Listening Is A Great Virtue - So You Should Listen To Others

In the modern world of consumerism, we fail to listen to others. That is a great loss to our lives.
Listening is a Great Virtue - So You Should Listen to Others
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According to me listening is the greatest virtue of communication. It is very important for a healthy growth of every personality. Unfortunately, listening to others is losing its value in the modern world of consumerism. 

It is very deplorable that the value of this listening skill is often overlooked in today’s noisy world where we live in. The world today is so much filled with various kinds of noises which are trying to thrust into them, making them unable to listen to others. Hence, it is needless to say that listening to others is becoming less important.

How should we speak and

An anonymous saying goes like this: we must speak to others in such a way that they love to listen to us and we must listen to others in such a way that they love to speak with us more.

Listening is the Key of a Personality
According to Bernard Ferrari, a well-known psychologist who authored the book "Power Listening: Mastering the Most Critical Business Skill of All", good listening is the key to developing fresh insights and ideas that fuel success. In that book he points out that Ferrari although most people focus on learning how to communicate and how to present their own views more effectively, this approach is misguided and represents missed opportunities.

Do I listen to others?
Sometime back, I was take aback suddenly when my wife remarked, "Dear, you say a lot of

things which are good for us; but do you know that most of the time you never listen to us?" It is true that I attend several seminars and read a lot of stuff that insist the great value of listening. When I reflected this, I realize that most of the time I remain focussed on myself. Why? MY PRIDE always wants to prove that I am always right and others are wrong or do not know.  

I have to learn to put myself in others' shoes and listen to their point of view.

Listen to others!
The Bible says, "My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry." (James 1:19 NIV) Listening is one of the greatest virtues to grow in loving others as well as loving God. It is an important aspect in praying.

Praying is not only asking God, but is is listening to His voice inside us. It enables us subdue the forces that hinder us in our social as well as spiritual life.  

Let us listen to others. It is a great virtue!

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I am a freelance writer writing in many sites. I write on health, education, personality development, religion, etc. I have MS in Psychotherapy and Counseling, Doctorate in Alternative medicines, 36 years of teaching experience in Tamil Nadu, 2 years of Clinical experience in Kerala many medical certificates to my credit. I want to write a lot and reach the world.

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  • vpaulose  15-10-2017
    The desire that 'others should listen to me more' surpasses the desire of listening to them!
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  • aparajita  15-10-2017
    The question is why is it so?? If we look within we might as well ask ourselves the question, 'Do we listen?' We all want someone to listen to us so that we get some space for ourselves. What we fail to do is listen to them completely, for we ourselves are preoccupied. Sometimes we fail to listen because the communication is inhibited or the communicator for communicate well. Both verbal and non verbal communication has to be in sync to listen. It all has to start with the self.
    reply 2
  • systemsmind  13-10-2017
    Listening is a skill. Can lead to make some one master communicator . Prerequisite is one must have empathy as a one of the personal attribute .
    reply 1
  • vpaulose  12-10-2017
    You are right, dear Anusha. We need to practice the virtue of listening. Thank you.
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  • anusha  12-10-2017
    The cover image is true depiction. One has to shout these days to be listened to. As we as a society want to raise everyone as a leader, we are trying to groom all our youngsters as good speakers, good listeners are automatically getting reduced. Group discussion teach young students to be aggressive instead of accommodating. Being shy and quiet is considered the biggest pitfall. As a side effect, we want to keep practicing how to speak, how to talk, but we don't learn to listen. Great post.
    reply 1
  • vpaulose  07-10-2017
    Thank you Goldstay for your appreciation.
    reply 0
  • goldstay  07-10-2017
    This is the reason why most psychologists say that the best way to empathize with people is not to give them direct advice but to listen first to their problems and struggles with a whole and open heart and mind. I like this article. Thanks for sharing. :)
    reply 1
  • nbillett  04-10-2017
    Listening has become harder in our society especially with the rise of technology and social media. We do talk a lot. This can be seen on sites like Facebook and Twitter where people are quick to judge and argue over the simplest thing. No wants to listen to the other side of the story or explore other reasons. Indeed we must be still so we can hear the truth and minister to those who are silenced. God Bless.
    reply 1
  • vpaulose  23-09-2017
    Great comment, dear Abhi. I enjoy reading your comments. Thank you very much for the great points sited in your comment.
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  • abhi_bangal  23-09-2017
    Hahaha... I am really amused by the cover image. It's really interesting. Anyway, I have heard my elders saying, God has given us two ears and one mouth. So, this means we should speak less and listen to others more. But many times, there are many people who just keep running their mouth almost non-stop. That's another factor of human life, though. But yes, we must learn to listen to others. Good article.
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  • vpaulose  23-09-2017
    Thanks to the EC team for publishing this post with due guidance. Thanks for the encouragement.
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