Can Twitching Of Right Eye Bring Men Luck?

Legends and superstitious beliefs all over the world say that twitching of right eye brings luck and good news for men. But modern science says that it is a kind of neurological disorder which needs treatment.

Does your right eye twitch often or on some occasion? Don’t worry. It brings you good luck. Beliefs all over the world and myths from every ancient culture say that it brings you some news of fortune or good luck. Although modern scientific studies reveal that intermittent or constant twitching of eyes is caused by some neurological disorder, a number of superstitions are attached to

this involuntary muscle twitching of eyes.

 Superstitions about eye twitching

There are a number of myths in every culture on twitching of eye, associated with good or bad omen. Most of the myths say that twitching of left eye is good for women and bad for men. So also twitching of right eye is bad for women and good for men.

Twitching eye defined by different cultures

1) Indians believe that twitching of right eye is a good omen for men and twitching of left eye is good for women. It is a belief just opposite to the Chinese.

2) There is a strong superstitious belief in China that the left eye twitching is associated with good fortune for men whereas the twitching of the right eye brings bad luck or misfortune.

3) Some cultures in African countries associate the upper eyelid twitching with some unexpected meeting of someone and the lower eyelid twitching with some misfortune or shedding of tears.

4) Old Wives Tales in the western countries say that if your right eye twitches there will be a birth in the family in the nearest future and if the left eye twitches there will soon be a death in the family.

Twitching eye in Ramayana

In the Hindu epic Ramayana it is said that twitching of right eye is a good omen for men and twitching of left eye is good for women. The epic says that when Lord Rama and Sukreeva became friends and joined their hands for the first time it was felt by Sita, wife of Lord

Rama who was in Ashoka grove under the detention of Ravana, by the twitching of her left eye. It was also felt by Ravana and Vali whose right eyes were twitching foretelling some danger to them.

Twitching of eye under scientific view

Modern medical world calls this eye twitching as blepharospasm. There are many reasons associated with twitching of eye.

1) Involuntary twitching of the eyes is a common occurrence found all over the world. Scientific studies, including ancient medicinal systems such as Ayurveda, say that it is a neurological disorder like epilepsy or Parkinson's disease.

2) This happens when an eyelid twitches with involuntary spasms of the eyelid muscles and with repeated closing and reopening of eyelid.

3) This may also occur due to some allergy or injury.

4) Sleeplessness, lack of sleep and eye strain can also trigger eye twitches. Eye strain may be caused by watching television or working on a computer for a long time.

5) Excess use of caffeine or alcohol and fatigue also cause this problem. It can even be triggered by certain external conditions like smoking or bright light.

6) In most cases you may not be even aware of this condition and for some it may be quite annoying. If it is caused by strain or sleeplessness, it can be cured by taking proper rest and sleep. But if it gives serious troubles, it has to be treated by a physician who may prescribe oral medications or some eye drops.

What is stated here is just an interesting information on superstitions associated with eye twitching. Hence you need not worry when your eye twitches next time that a catastrophe is going to befall in your life. Just stay calm, hope for the best and take some rest.

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