Tsunami Reunion After Years

msnbc.com staff and news services reported today about the recovery of a girl who was swept away in the Indian Ocean tsunami seven years ago. It said on Friday that she broke down in tears after tracking down her parents, who had long lost hope of finding her alive.

Tsunami, a devastating cyclone from the Bay of Bengal near India, swept thousands alive into the sea on 26th December, 2004. It was a great tragedy. A family, split by the deadly tsunami, was reunited after three years by God.

“Why did you do it to me, Oh God? Who is thereto come to

my help now? It’s in you that I have been trusting so far. But now…”

My heart was crying in unbearable pain. Who can bear such a torture even worse than that happened to Job?

My family was torn into pieces like an old cloth, impossible to be repaired any more! Forsaken by my husband, unrecognized by my own son, neglected by my people, I was thrown into an abysmal hole of suffering like a rotten vegetable thrown into garbage!

It all started with a Christmas holiday with sad memories that override the happy days that we had till then. That year Christmas had been the happiest one we ever had. But how could we expect that it would bring such a thunderbolt the next day.

The deadly and devastating tsunami had struck and slipped leaving behind its scrawling signature of death and maimed lives across the eastern cost of South India.

The cruel devil had torn away my little Mike who had been more than anything else to me in the world! It could have swallowed

me leaving my beloved son safe on the shore. But the killer waves of that merciless tsunami purposely devoured my innocent child along with the hundreds. I missed him so much because we got him only after twelve years of our married life. How much we longed for a child!

When Mike was born as our heavenly gift, we were just floating on this earth without words to express our boundless joy. Though mike was dumb from his birth, unable even to call me “mom”, we had the happiest words that a son can give! His every move had been a word for us until that monstrous wave swept him into the sea. The western world was still singing “Gloria in Excelcis Deo” of the Christmas mass when the cruel waves swung my son into the sea.

Our happy world was completely upset. After the usual service at Besant Nagar Church at the sea shore of Chennai, Mike pleaded us to take him to the sea shore. Even the morning sun, which was brighter than usual, didn’t warn us about the imminent disaster. But Mike insisted us to go to the shore. Was it his time to reach his home to have better talk with his God? He wanted to collect sea shells to give to Baby Jesus in the crib!



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